There is a God!

Miracles happen every day.


I think sometimes we just don’t know where to look for them. And, of course, some of them are a little more obvious.


While recording the song “There is a God”, I was thinking about a lady in our church, photographer Gail Goss.


Gail had received a terrible report from the doctors.  They told her she had cancer, and that she needed to have surgery.


Gail was scared to death.  But she had faith.


She did what the Word of God tell us to do, and she gathered her church around her, and asked us to pray.


She was afraid, but having courage doesn’t mean you aren’t scared.  Having courage means you press through and do what you have to do in spite of being scared.


I remember she was crying when Pastor Copeland called the ministers together, and we laid hands on her and began to intercede.


We are all so very, very frail, you know?  So human, and frail.


There were no lighting bolts, nor did God open the heavens and speak in an audible voice.  But those of us gathered around her that night knew something had happened.  We knew something had changed.


And the next time the docs examined Gail, the cancer was gone.


The cancer that the doctors had seen, the cancer that used to be there that had come to take her life, was simply gone.  It wasn’t there any more.


The last line of the second verse stuck in my throat that day in the studio.  The engineer, Tommy Parker, asked if everything was ok, and I told him to give me a few minutes.


“I just can’t sing this line without thinking about Gail Goss,” I said.  “And every time I think about the miracle that happened, I get choked up, and I start to cry.”


But along with the tears came some faith.


Faith that there really is a God.  Faith that He really hears and answers our prayers.


The doctors were amazed… but we weren’t.


Because miracles really do happen every day.  Some of them are just more obvious than others.

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